The ABP Series of plants feature cutting-edge technology, high-quality components, process controls, automation, and proven performance. As a result, the ABP series plants offer: Huge energy savings, Highest Fuel Efficiency with auto modulating burner, Reliability, Field proven efficient counter flow drier drum – technology for 3-D mixing, Internationally compliant pollution control system, Lower Maintenance, User Friendly SCADA System –” Fully Computerised automatic process controls, and more. Furthermore, any of our products comes with our unrivalled customer care and spare parts support, which is available anywhere in the world.

With many years of experience and a design that is solely focused on the consumer, SHREEJI Asphalt Batch Mix Plant (ABP) was developed. Batch Asphalt Mix Plants are an excellent piece of construction equipment for producing asphalt, which is widely utilised in road and civil construction. To begin, asphalt is made by mixing the right amount of aggregates, sand, and stone dust, heating it, and then mixing in the right amount of bitumen at a specific temperature before transporting it to the job site.

High-quality mix is given using an easy-to-calibrate, long-lasting multipoint weighing system. A heavy-duty pug mill mixer and well-built, straightforward controls add to the quality.

SHREEJI Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Are Available  SABP-80 To SABP-240 TPH Models. SABP-80 Model Plant gives 80 Tonnes Output per Hour, SABP-100 Model Plant gives 100 Tonnes output per Hour, SABP-120 Model Plant gives 120 Tonnes Output per Hour  , SABP-160 Model Plant gives 160 Tonnes Output per Hour , SABP-240 Model Plant gives 240 Tonnes Output per Hour.

Firstly The weighing and drying drum systems are very efficient, dependable, and low-maintenance.

Second, traditional burner designs are noted for their high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

A basic dual-stage pollution control system consists of twin cyclonic separators and a secondary baghouse filter.

The control cabin has an on-board electric power console, a distribution switchboard, fail-safe interlocks, and automatic process controls.

In comparison to other asphalt plants, the ABP Plant is simple to operate and requires little maintenance.