In the Bitumen Sprayer the bitumen is heated to the desired temperature using a built-in heating system with a high-capacity burner. On specific requests, a variety of fuel and burner types are available. For starters, there’s the insulated storage tank, which is encased in industrial gauge steel sheets and designed to industrial standards for storing, handling, and transporting hot bitumen. Second, the cladding can be ordered in a variety of materials, including galvanised, aluminium, and stainless steel sheets.
Moreover A speed detection and driver control system, twin cylindered air compressor, 25 HP air cooled diesel engine, High capacity positive displacement internal gear type asphalt pump, remote control station, hand spraying attachment, and barrel heating arrangement are all included in each unit.
These distributors have been developed with an appropriate heating system and a changeable Spray Bar for use with a constant pressure system. Engine, Air Compressor, High Pressure Positive Displacement Bitumen Pump, Specially Designed Spray Nozzles, Electronically and Manually Measuring Systems of Bitumen Temperature and Truck Speed, Tank Burner, Hand Torch Burner, Proxy Sensor, High Quality Valves, and other standard accessories are included.
Fully Insulated Tank With High Performance Oil Heating.
Firstly Consist Air Cooled Diesel Engine And Positive Displacement Gear Pump Fully-circulating Spray Bar.
Secondly Consist Operator’s Platform With Hood.
Thirdly Consist Simple Pressure Cleaning System Provided.
Digital Speed Indicator.
Moisture Separator For Clean & Dry Air.